Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 56: Self-Serve

I have been asking the Lord to help me find opportunities to serve those around me.  I pray for it every day and today my wish came true!  I got a call from a friend who needed me to come over and sit at her house during an overlap of them leaving and her mother arriving from the airport.  I sat at their desk and wrote my talk while Clinton picked her mother up and brought her back to the house.  I feel grateful I could help my friend and I hope more opportunities to serve happen more regularly--cause I felt great!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary.  As we were walking out of the restaurant and back into the mall, we passed a gelato place my friend had recommended.  We already had plans to try Dairy Queen's Nutter Butter blizzard (I'm CRAZY for Nutter Butters), but I wanted to try the Sea Salt Caramel flavor that had been recommended to me.  So, we walked in, tried the flavor and I asked if they had it regularly so I could come back and try it another time.  He said I should try it now since it's not a regular flavor and only a little was left for today.  Instead of being quick on my feet and saying something polite like, "Oh, well, we just ate and I need a little bit of time for everything to settle, but we'll be back."  I was totally honest and said, "I just wanted to try the flavor today, we already have plans for dessert elsewhere, but thanks!" 
I didn't really think anything of it till Clinton pointed out that that probably wasn't the kindest thing to say after getting free samples. :)  Don't worry Gelato Guy, I'll be back soon!

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