Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day : This was MY Fair, Lady!

Today was a good day.  I got to leave work early, get some lunch with my husband and our friends, come home and read for a couple hours/rest, take Petey for a little walk and then go to the Fair (at a discounted rate and in perfect weather to boot)!
Days like today are a reminder to me that the Lord is mindful of our needs and is happy to provide us happy situations.  I'm sure much of what played-out today was simply happenstance, but the fact that it all happened to me in one day?  In my book, that counts as a blessing!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I had the pleasure of attending the Wisconsin State Fair today.  There is some amazing people watching to be had there!  We saw; a women whose bosoms hung down to the bottom of her shirt, made it look like she was carrying some footballs under her shirt, a woman sleeping sitting straight up (probably had too much of the beer and brauts!), a young woman who was literally orange from too much tanning, a "performance" by an elderly woman with imitation eagle wings strapped to her arms who "danced" (walked slowly waving her arms and occasionally turned in a circle) around on the stage to the longest. song. in. the. world and, another dance group consisting of old women (aged 60-80 years young, as they said) called the "Jazzy Jewels".  All these things, and so much more were an absolute hoot to observe!
We also enjoyed some Wisconsin State Fair delicacies.  We ate; cream puffs the size of your face, fried butter (it's not what you think, it's a pat of batter that's been wrapped in like a flour tortilla or something, then fried...but if you were thinking it was'd be right), fresh-squeezed lemonade (delicious!), and my personal favorite--fried Oreos!  Fried Oreos are UNBELIEVABLE!!  They take an Oreo, dip it in doughnut batter, fry it, then sprinkle it with powdered sugar.  Pure artery-clogging bliss.  And I had three!
Anyway, here are some pics to enjoy!  More to come!

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