Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 61: Long Overdue

I turned in 3 library books at one time 3 weeks ago.  I got an email stating that one of them was overdue and I was being charged $.25/day.  Long story short, after being told that if the book could not be found I'd have to pay a $7 replacement fee, I was transferred to the circulation manager.  I relayed what happened and told her I didn't think it was fair to be charged for a book I returned.  She asked if I was sure I had in fact returned it and I confirmed I had.  I stayed very positive and friendly and told her that if I found it at a garage sale I'd donate it to the library.  She laughed and said she'd waive the fee and "clear my record"!

Ha ha:
I have to laugh at myself.  I ordered a new mannequin head and some other beauty supply products for my hair business at home.  Clinton sent me a text telling me they'd arrived.  I couldn't wait to get home.  Then, my coworker (who's also an esthetician) brought me some products to start using and I couldn't wait to try them tonight.
When I got home from work and saw all of my goodies in one place, I couldn't help but squeal for joy!!  I ran into Clinton's study and with a huge grin on my face shouted, "It's like it's Christmas!".  I'm in Product Heaven!!

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