Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 49: Tempers and Temples

Clinton and I went down to the temple today.  It was so nice to be inside the House of the Lord where I could enjoy the quiet reverence that can only be found there.  I had time to think about my relationship with God; where I need to improve, where I am doing okay and how much He still loves me regardless of all my faults.  I felt, even for just a small moment, that He knows I'm trying my best and is pleased.  I have just felt so inadequate lately and I really needed that reminder today.  I'm thankful for a husband who took time out of his studies to take me to the temple, it made me feel closer to him and closer to God.

Ha ha:
As I mentioned this last week, the Premenstrual Witch is ba-ack and she's uglier than ever.  I've had a really crazy day and have just felt a bit off.  I told Clinton, "I don't feel right", to which he responded, "You're not right.  If you were right you'd be a man."  Seems I've got myself a clever one.

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