Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 189: Not So Silent

Day 4 of 10 in listing 100 things for which I'm grateful:
Deceased People:

  1. My Grandma Conklin (I must give an extra special shout-out for her.  I became so close with her over the last few years and am so thankful that I came to know her as a friend.)
  2. My Grandpa Conklin, he was always very generous.
  3. My Grandma Duff, she could never just sit still (always had to be cleaning or bleaching something), but she would drop anything for a hug.
  4. My Papa Duff, he had some pretty crazy stories from his youth but he had the cutest smile.  He baptized me when I turned 8 and came to my graduation just months after my grandma passed away.  If any of us kids had any major event happening they would travel from several states away to be there.
  5. President Gordon B. Hinckley, I never got to meet him, but his testimony and sense of humor really touched me.
  6. Jesus Christ, although I believe Him to be risen, He had died at one point.  He is the supreme example of what I hope to be like someday.  He literally saved my eternal life and continues to advocate on my behalf each day.
  7. My high school friend, Kelsey Harrington.  She was killed by a drunk driver at 14, but she still managed to teach me that death is not the end, but a part of the journey.
  8. Walt Disney, sure he made tons of money off the commercialism of Disney, but his movies are a favorite in my home and his theme parks truly are magical!
  9. Joseph Smith, for restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ and for translating the Book of Mormon.  Both of these things have brought peace and hope into my life.
  10. Mary.  For her willingness to be obedient to the Lord and for bearing and raising the Son of God.
Ha ha:
Can't think of anything really good for today, so I guess this'll have to suffice.
While I was writing this post all of the dogs were passed out around me.  The big one sat up suddenly and started licking an itch on her inner leg.  As she reached down to lick she simultaneously farted.  I started to chuckle...that is until I got a whiff.  Not so funny after all.  (shudder) 

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