Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 184: Clinton

I mentioned to Clinton yesterday that I've not really had a chance to sleep in during my break because of our friend's dogs.  I'm used to Peter sleeping in till we get up, but these other two are not as lazy--any sound from us that could be mistaken for us getting out of bed and these dogs are up and moving around.  Don't get me wrong, they are super sweet, but my sleep has been a bit disturbed to say the least.  Anywho, I heard the dogs start to get up around 7 this morning.  The last thing I remember is Clinton shushing them.
A few moments later I opened my eyes, totally surprised at how rested I felt despite being woken early again.  I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 830 and Clinton and the dogs were downstairs!  That sweet boy of mine got up with them and kept them downstairs so I could sleep (having brought Peter back up to bed with me so we could snuggle).  What a sweet gift!!  Thank you, H.B.!!!

Ha ha:
1.  We are watching a friend's dogs (yes, that's dogS) for 2.5 weeks (yes, that's 2.5 weeks...I'm working on earning my celestial glory).  Anyway, I came downstairs this morning and found a tiny turdlet on my couch.  I yelled up to Clinton, "Honey, there's a piece of poo on my couch!"  His response?  "It wasn't me."  I couldn't help but laugh.
2.  My friends from Oregon, who now live in Wisconsin, came down for a visit today.  We took them to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum so their two-year-old could run around and play (although we adults had a great time too).  Anyway, we found this mirror and I asked Clinton, "Does this mirror make my butt look big?"  Ha!
3.  Clinton has been playing his new cello every spare moment since yesterday morning.  I ran upstairs to ask him a question and this is what I found.
 Here I was thinking that only kids go to bed with their new favorite toy, not Clinton!
Most people spoon with another person, not Clinton!

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  1. I love your funny stories! Glad it wasn't Clinton's poo on the couch. =) And thank you SO much for taking us to the children's museum. We had a great time! (The mirror made my butt look big too.)