Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 185: My Turns and Returns

1.  The dogs let me sleep in till 845 this morning!
2.  While I was waiting in line for a "quick" return at Walmart, Clinton saved us some extra time and got the few groceries we needed.  We left the store and made it just in time to the theater to see the new Muppet movie (highly recommended, by the way).
3.  Last night, just before bed, I was sitting with Petey on the couch.  I told him it was time to go to bed but he wouldn't budge.  I picked him up and he just let his body drag across me.  I slid him up to my chest (like holding a baby over your shoulder to burp) and he snuggled me.  I was in heaven.  He doesn't typically let me hold him like that for very long (not since he was a pup) and I no longer cared that it was way past my bedtime.  I held him there for as long as he let me.  It was wonderful!

Ha ha:
Was trying on some Jessica Simpson heels at Boston Store while I was out with Clinton.  Her heels are surprisingly comfortable--that is, if you try on the right size.  Anyway, Clinton bought me these for Christmas but I needed to make sure I had the right size.
I tried on another more-platform pair (see link above), but in a size too big.  I began to tell Clinton how comfortable they were, but as soon as I said "comfortable" I rolled my left ankle.  I put the shoe back on and proceeded to roll my right ankle.  
Yes, nothing says comfort like ace bandages and tennis shoes.  I think I'll stick with the pair he got me...much safer. :)

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