Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 159: Good Investments

My scripture reading last night randomly consisted of the prophesy of Christ's birth.  I had had a very long day (had been up for about 22 hours) and thought about passing on my scriptures for the night, but I'm so glad I didn't.  I only read a few versus, but it was such a peaceful experience to lay in my bed, snuggling my Grandma's mourning pup, and read about the miraculous event of His birth.  The Earth even had to know how special He was to display so many signs of His coming.  No light in the heavens could be kept from shining brightly the day the Light of the World came into it.
Reading such a wonderful account filled my heart with joy and I am so thankful that regardless of how tired I was, I picked up my scriptures anyway!

Ha ha:
I attending a very long, and oh-so boring seminar at work yesterday regarding investments.  After two years of employment each employee is REQUIRED to participate in a mandatory retirement investment program (I'm bored just writing about this).  Anyway, one of the representatives, from the FOUR companies that spoke, got up to give his schpeel and the moment he opened his mouth to speak, totally burped.  It was a quieter one, but it was a burp nonetheless! 
I'd like to say that hearing the burp made the 90 minutes of my time worth it, but sadly it did not.  It was funny though.

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