Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 160: Last Visit and Last Laugh with Grandma

I had the opportunity to dress my grandma before her cremation.  I was honestly nervous and didn't feel comfortable touching her so I asked if I could hold her clothes while everyone else moved her.  However as we began dressing her I knew I would regret it if I chickened-out.  I made myself touch her and it was a wonderful experience.  I fully realized I was touching a body that no longer housed my grandma's spirit, but it was that body that even made it possible for me to know her spirit.  It was a complete and total honor for me to dress her.  I was able to hold her hands and stroke her hair, something I was unable to do before she died.
There was a wonderfully calm spirit in that room and I gained a strengthened testimony that our bodies truly are a holy temple for our spirits.
Again, how wonderful to have experienced this and how wonderful to know that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Grandma will again be reunited with her body, made perfect and whole.

Ha ha:
Before we went in to dress Grandma, my sister mentioned that although she wasn't nervous to dress Grandma, she would freak-out if Grandma sat up or burped (as has been known to happen).  We kinda laughed and the care-taker overheard and said, "I do this stuff all the time, but if she were to sit up or burp I'd freak right out too!"

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