Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 182: Christmas Eve Miracles

Woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking!!  Sweet Clinton made me pancakes and hash browns--a real Christmas miracle treat!!  Thanks, H.B.!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I went to the mall.  He parked the car and said he needed to run in quickly.  I had another errand that I wanted to take care of so I told him I'd come back and pick him up.  Right before he left he said, "Now be careful.  There are a lot of crazy drivers on the road today."  I reassured him and he went inside.
The parking lot was FULL of cars and I was waiting for a lady to move from behind my space.  I noticed that she was a ways away from me and I thought I had plenty of room to back out and slide in beside her.  I looked behind me and there was plenty of space.  I put the car in reverse and slowly backed out of my space...CRUNCH!  Well, crap!  I wasn't paying attention when we parked (and apparently when I was backing out) and our space was a straight space on the very far end of a diagonally-angled row.  When I pulled out at a sharp angle to slide in beside the lady behind me I ran right into the parked car beside me.  Stupid, I know.
I called Clinton in a panic and he came out, looked the other car over and reassured me that I had caused no damage, thank goodness (I was going about 1/2 mile/hour after all).
I share this because of the irony.  He had mentioned the crazy drivers on the road...I had no idea I was one of them!

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