Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 186: #9?

So, I was actually reading my Ensign the other day and came across an article called, "The Choice to be Grateful" by Henry B. Eyring.  At the end was an activity that I thought was worth trying; it focused on helping us see how much we have to be thankful for.  The rules state to list 100 things, and to make it easier, break them into groups of 10.
Here is Day 1 of 10 in listing 100 things for which I'm grateful!
Physical Abilities:

  1. I have one eye I can still see out of!
  2. I can sing fairly well.
  3. I have a high level of endurance.
  4. I can catch something tossed to me (most of the time), even though I don't have depth perception.
  5. I can cut, color and style hair.
  6. I give really good back massages!
  7. I'm not afraid to say "Hello" to strangers or talk to someone who may seem lonely.
  8. I can play the piano, although I need to practice more!
  9. I can make others laugh.
  10. I can listen really well and empathize too.

Ha ha:
We have a saying in our house that we say when we are making an obvious point:  You know what I mean?  It's a phrase we began saying when Clinton pointed out one day how it annoys him when people say it.  Naturally, it turned into a "regular" at our place.  Now that this bit of background's been shared, here's my Ha ha.
Clinton has been eating all of our Christmas desserts--to my, sorta, dismay.  So, yesterday (while he was looking through the cupboards complaining that there was nothing good to eat) he begrudgingly told me he'd saved me a piece of pumpkin pie.
Me:  You can have it, but I'll want a bite. (Pausing)  You know what I mean?
He just started laughing, "Of course I know what you mean!  Why would anyone not know what that means?"
Ok, after re-reading this, it doesn't seem that funny.  Perhaps this is one of those, "You had to be there" moments.  Oh well!

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