Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 171: Cross your Teas and Dot Your I's

I made a bit of a mistake and scheduled an incompatible room for a rather important meeting for this upcoming Thursday.  In my defense, this wouldn't have happened if we didn't get bumped from our regularly scheduled room by the Department Chair at the last minute, but that's a whole other rant that Dr. Forgetful will be addressing soon so this doesn't happen again.  Anyway, fortunately this was caught today instead of the morning of, so there's yippee #1.  #2, is that one of the only rooms available (which if I'm not mistaken was not available when I had to scheduled the incompatible room) was now open.  #3 the A/V people for all 3 institutions were able to work out the teleconference in advance so no technical difficulties will/should occur.  #4 yippee, and perhaps the best of them all, I was able to save face on this one and blame it on information I had been given by someone else.  Turns out, they had given me the right info, but I had misunderstood--something I didn't realize till AFTER meeting with Dr. Forgetful and the A/V people.  Few-ee!
(Just so you don't think poorly of me, I did admit this to the A/V guy and will tell Dr. Forgetful about it tomorrow, now that I've found a room and all is well. :)

Ha ha:
You know how most tea bags come with that tag and string attached to it?  Well, I don't like how it gets soggy hanging off the side of my mug, so I usually tear the tag/string off.  However, this time I went a little too slowly and ended up with...

Moral of the story:  Tear quickly!

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