Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 162: Below All Things

The lesson in Relief Society was on "The Condescension of Christ".  The teacher asked why that was important to us and I replied with something that kinda surprised myself.  I said that because of His humility in condescending below his power and ability to save himself, He provided the perfect example of how to love and serve others more than ourselves, in order to redeem mankind--it is now our turn to condescend below our own pride and love and serve our fellowman, in order to be like Christ.
It just was interesting to think about.

Ha ha:
My mom, sister, brother and I were visiting.  As is not uncommon in our family, the topic soon turned to bathroom stories.  Our sides were splitting as the stories progressed and the time passed (no pun intended).  I'll share one quick one.
My parents used to have a pull chain toilet.  Ya know, those ones you only see in the movies?  Well, when I was about nine-years-old I used the bathroom (#1 only) and flushed the toilet.  Anyway, someone must have #2'd prior to my visit and clogged the toilet.  Well, unlike more modern toilets, this toilet had a serious flow of water, which was great when it was going down the toilet, but this time it came spilling rapidly OUT of the toilet and onto the floor where it then traveled down the floor vent into the bathroom and hallway below.  It was like it all happened in slow motion but there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Needless to say I totally panicked, ran downstairs to call my sister (who told me to turn off the water, something I'd not known to do), grabbed a bunch of towels and promptly started sopping up toilet water--upstairs and downstairs.  I cleaned for what seemed like forever and refused to flush that toilet for the longest time!

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