Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 170: Crazy

I feel so much better today.  After several prayers and apologies I feel like I'm in control again and can conquer the pre-menstraul witch.  I tend to struggle with my emotions around the arrival of Aunt Flo and this cycle has been no exception.  But I am so grateful for my patient and understanding husband!  He truly is the love of my forever and I am so thankful that he sees past my temporary bouts of crazy. :)  Love you H.B.!

Ha ha:
The moment I saw Clinton this afternoon his first words to me were, "Are you feeling back to normal today?"  Ha!! hormones have been that bad.

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  1. Totally understand you on that! I am not myself when the hormones kick in. We would love to swing by and see you guys sometime this Christmas season. We actually don't have a whole lot going on between Christmas and New Year's. Maybe we could fit a trip in. Do you guys have any time off?