Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 165: Toe the Line

My dad had a routine follow-up appointment today to observe the healing of a wound on his foot.  I received a text from my mom stating that my dad was going in for emergency surgery and that I should pray for him and her.  Of course, I began to immediately panic and worry about my dad's health and my mom's ability to cope with it all.  I said a quick prayer and waited for more info.
Turns out my dad got an infection and it spread to the bones in his large toe and part of the foot, although at this point I don't know how much.  His toe was amputated and there may have also been some of his foot removed as well.  He'll be in the hospital for about a week to avoid any further chance of infection.
I guess the "aha" in this situation is that the infection was caught early enough before it spread further into his body or his bloodstream.  This could have been really, REALLY serious, but I am so grateful for attentive doctors and good timing.  I hope and pray that everything turns out well.
If you don't mind keeping my dad (and my mom) in your prayers I'd really appreciate it!

Ha ha:
My mom said that my dad meant to ask if he could take his toe home with him but didn't get a chance before the anesthetics kicked in (no pun intended).  She asked why he'd want it and he jokingly replied, "So I can turn it into a necklace."
So grateful for a dad that can keep a healthy sense of humor in stressful times!  Love you Dad!

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  1. What a blessing they caught the infection before it spread further, but it must be so hard to lose part of your foot suddenly like that! It's wonderful, though, that he could retain a sense of humor. What a great example!