Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 161: And What to my Wondering Eyes!

I had a chance to sing with my mom and sisters at "The Festival of Nativities".  Each of us girls sang a solo and then we sang a few songs all together.  It felt so good to sing together again, and especially songs about Jesus' birth.  Have a mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas?  And when I get to combine my other love of--music--with Christmas?...awesome!!
What a treat it was for me to walk around the building and see all of the thousands of nativities there!  I actually decided that nativities are my "new collectible" and have been slowly gaining them for the last couple years.  I just love having that physical reminder of the reality of Christ's birth; how humble the circumstance but how beautiful too. 

Ha ha:
My sister was working next to my two-year-old nephew at the kitchen sink.  She was cleaning a cookie sheet and decided to bang it against the sink several times in a row to get off the excess water...and surprise him.  I wasn't watching but heard her start laughing.  I asked what was so funny and she told me to "watch Sammy".  I got where I could see him and she did it again; each time she banged the pan, no matter how quickly, his eyelids blinked right in time with it.  Who knew eyelids could flutter so insinctly?  Too cute!

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