Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 166: Christmastime is Here

I have been SO BUSY that I've hardly had time to enjoy this Christmas season.  Yes, I know there is still a bit of time before the big man comes down the chimney, but when you long for Christmas like I do you want to soak in as much as possible while it's still in style.  So tonight, while I made breakfast for dinner, I blasted Christmas songs from Pandora and my pancakes have never tasted better!
It felt so good to actually make some time to celebrate and sing along with Anne Murray, Elvis and The Bing.  I even got to do some Christmas shopping online (not that I got anything, but the gift juices are flowing...that didn't sound right)!  To top it all off, as I was coming back from the kitchen I happened to glance at my nativity scene and spotted the little baby Jesus.  This quick sighting actually made me pause for a moment to think about Him.  Amongst all the chaos of my busy week I stopped to think about the Son of God.  What a wonderful little gift that was to me.

Ha ha:
I found this quote and thought it was hilarious!
I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.
Shirley Temple

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