Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 177: From Sad to Glad

While I was visiting teaching one of my sisters, she told me that she was trying to find scriptures that made her want to celebrate Christmas.  She's not been a fan of celebrating Christmas since her mom died nearly 40 years ago.  I told her I'd share some of my favorites, but I'm wondering if anyone has any they would recommend.  I don't know that they need to specifically be about Christmas (I would think any scripture about Christ would do since He is the reason we celebrate Christmas), but if you feel like sharing something that may spark her desires to celebrate the season, I'd love for you to share.
As I've said before, Christmas is my favorite time of the year and knowing there is someone out there, of my own faith, that doesn't want to celebrate it is rather saddening.  Meeting with her though has made me think of some of my favorite things about celebrating:
Decorating, Singing Christmas Songs, Listening to Christmas Songs, Food, Goodies, Stronger Love for Mankind, Increased Charity, Kinder Words Spoken to Strangers, Christmas Lights, Reminders of Christ All Around, Giving Gifts, Getting Gifts, Time Off From Work, Time with Family, Nativities, Closeness to Christ and an All Around Increase of the Spirit of Christ in My Heart and My Home.

Ha ha:
There was one of those crazy tacky and ultra sexual BOD commercials on during a commercial break.  Clinton and I were making fun of it the whole time.  A few moments later I hear Clinton say (like they do in the commercial), "Hot BOD" to himself.  I laughed out loud and told him I was going to blog about him singing the "Hot BOD" song.  He turned to me and asked, "What hot dog song?".  Once I clarified, we had a pretty good laugh over that one.

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  1. I love Christmas time. Listening to Handel's Messiah really helps get me in the mood. As the text is based on scriptures of the prophecies of His life, it seems apt. I love Alma 7 at Christmas time, especially. And D&C 45:3-5 is always a great reason to celebrate Christ, our Advocate!!!