Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 174: Crack Me Up

Aha/Ha ha:
Clinton and I went to the Nutcracker for the first time on Friday.  We were both afraid that ballet was going to be so boring, but we actually really enjoyed it.
This could come across wrong, so I will clarify that I share this story not to make fun, but to show that it is possible to find humor in all things and that doing so can make a rough situation less rough.
There was a group of special needs adults sitting behind us.  There was one point during the show when some dancers were doing some rather amazing moves.  Everyone in the audience was totally in awe, but this one lady behind us kept chuckling at all the wrong moments.  Some people turned around, obviously annoyed, but we felt that if she thought something was funny we could too!  We had paid good money for our seats and probably had a right to be annoyed, but we chose to chuckle along with her instead, albeit a bit quieter than she.
Thanks for the extra laughs, we had no idea the Nutcracker would be so entertaining!

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