Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 187: I am a Material and Giggly Girl

Day 2 of 10 of 100 things for which I'm grateful!
Material Possessions:

  1. Computer
  2. Cell phone (with texting, scriptures, video and regular camera abilities)
  3. Piano/microphone
  4. Car (even though it's a FORD)
  5. My baby blanket ( made it to the list)
  6. My wedding ring
  7. My orthotics (makes wearing cute shoes possible again!)
  8. Cute clothes and shoes/styling stuff in general (hair tools and make-up)
  9. Popcorn popper
  10. My EMU boots (only thing that keeps my piggies warm)
Ha ha:
I had the giggles SO BAD at work today.  I'm not really sure why, or where it all came from, but there was an embarrassing amount of time in which I could not stop laughing.  It all started when my coworker mentioned how cold it was in the room.  Not sure if it was the way she said it, or because I agreed or what, but either way I found it to be hysterical.
At first I kept the giggles to myself.  Biting my lip and blowing air through my nose seemed to work for a moment, but I simply couldn't keep it in.  Finally I just started laughing out loud (out of the middle of nowhere).  Some might think as I did, that this would suppress the urge to keep laughing, but it didn't.  It made it worse.  So much worse that my coworker had to ask what was happening.  Through short bursts of laughter I managed to apologize and tell her that I (duh) had the giggles.
Work resumed and I tried my hardest to keep the giggles to a minimum--that is until one of my other coworkers came into the room.  I swear, all she did was look at me and I busted up laughing!  Oh man, even now, I am laughing thinking about it!  Quickly, I tried to excuse myself and told her I had the giggles.  She sorta laughed at that, and I REALLY laughed at that!  (This was getting to be rather obnoxious and embarrassing by now.)  She told me not worry about it.
I think I could have been fine, but she began telling a story about how her commute went this morning after our bout of freezing rain (I totally fell on my hands and knees on the way to work BTW).  All she had to do was say, "I'm serious..." and the laughter started again.  Laughing to the point of not being able to speak, I began fanning myself and mouthed the words "I'm so sorry".  She started laughing too, telling me that she loves getting the giggles--that didn't help me stop either.  What was she trying to do, make me laugh even harder??  All I could do at this point was envision all the times I'd had the giggles and couldn't stop.  I had to get out of there!
After a 30 minute walk I finally calmed down.  I have no idea where that came from or when it will come again, but one thing is for certain--I'm wearing Depends to work tomorrow! 
(just kidding...I didn't actually pee my pants, but who knows what the future brings?)


  1. As the "co-worker" mentioned I think the office had been way too serious lately and could use some laughter! I would have joined you but thought confidence in the administrative support in the office would be compromised if we both looked crazy at the same time! Thanks for keeping work fun! :)

  2. It's fun to read your list of things you're grateful for. I liked how he outlined how easy it could be to come up with 100 things by filling out categories of 10. I'm grateful for reminders to be grateful. :)