Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 250: Tickle Monster and Hungry Monster

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” 
 Mother Teresa
I had a little moment of insight, while walking the halls at the hospital Thursday, that made me feel a little differently towards The Intimidator.  I happened to be following behind him and Dr. Simpatico as they were escorting a visiting professor around the hospital.  I watched as they approached this little family with a two-year-old-ish daughter who was obviously one of The Intimidator's patients.  He completely stopped the tour, put his arms way up over his head (like a tickle monster) and ran up to her giggling before bending down and tickling her bare feet.  He got right down to her level, asked how she was doing and paused to speak with her mom before resuming the tour.
None of us are perfect.  All of us have our flaws.  But each of us has things we really care about and would do anything for.  He has a big heart after all and it goes out to all of his little patients.

Ha ha:
I was busy all day escorting the visiting professor to all of his various meetings and was completely exhausted and famished by the time lunch rolled around.  There was some pizza left over from his group luncheon and the second I brought it in to the office it took me about 10 seconds to grab my portion and eat it.  My coworker turned to me with a shocked look on her face and asked, "You hungry, Danielle?"  Um...yes.

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