Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 262: What a Relief!

My visiting teachers came and shared a brief message with me (and my hair client--see below).  I thought I'd have a quick copout and copy/paste this spiritual thought for today...
Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, said: “As daughters of God, you are preparing for eternal designations, and each of you has a female identity, nature, and responsibility. The success of families, communities, this Church, and the precious plan of salvation is dependent on your faithfulness. … [Our Heavenly Father] intended Relief Society to help build His people and prepare them for the blessings of the temple. He established [Relief Society] to align His daughters with His work and to enlist their help in building His kingdom and strengthening the homes of Zion.”1
I know that I am thankful for RS in my life!  I have really come to depend on my "sisters" here in Wisconsin while being away from my family back home and am so thankful to know that no matter where I am in the world, I can always depend on my RS sisters!

Ha ha:
I had a client come over for a hair cut/color on Tuesday.  Towards the end of her appointment I heard our back doorbell ring and noticed it was my visiting teachers.  Feeling embarrassed that I'd forgotten about scheduling an appointment, I apologized.
Me:  I'm so sorry.  I don't even remember finalizing this.
She:  That's because we never did.  Sorry to just show up on you.
Phew!  We laughed and then they shouted-out the lesson while I finished my client's hair--blowdry and all (fortunately she was LDS too).

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