Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 273: Spring and Sack Lunches are in the Air

I LOVE SPRING!!  I love to see all of the beautiful blooms and freshly-cut lawns.  The smells outside are all refreshing: cut grass, BBQs, fire pits and flowers!  Oh the flowers!!!
It's that time of year again when this half of the world pops with brilliant colors and sweet scents!  I am taking it all in and enjoying every pretty petal!  If you haven't been outside to see the beauty, get off your duff and enjoy the sights while they last!
Ha ha:
I took Peter for a walk yesterday around the neighborhood.  I came around a corner and saw two elderly women chatting up the road.  One of them carried a brown lunch bag.  You may wonder why I would notice such an insignificant detail.  I noticed, because it was the first thing Peter noticed.  He b-lined it from halfway down the road and ran right up to the lady with the bag.  She thought he was cute, called him a rascal, and then said, "You smell my food, don't you?"  He was pretty disappointed that she didn't offer him any, but alas, he survived. :)

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