Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 261: Terms of Endearment

I would just like to take a second and publicly state how thankful I am for the people in my life.  I have had many people stop me to ask how the adoption process is going and even though my answer's been, "There's not really much going on now.", their responses are always so positive and encouraging.  Some have either adopted (or are also hoping to adopt) or work in foster care and really know what this process is like, others are people who have been able to have children on their own but still want me to know they care.
Thank you for thinking of us, thank you for praying for us and thank you for continuing to do so!  Hopefully someday we'll be able to declare to the world that we "finally have our baby!", but for now, it feels good to declare how thankful we are to be surrounded by such wonderful people!
Thank you!

Ha ha:
I eat a huge salad as a part of my lunch every day.  Many moons ago, the delivery guy happened to come when I was eating and said, "Wow.  That's a big salad."  One of my coworkers told him that it's the reason they call me "Big Salad" (even though they didn't).  Anyway, now every day when he delivers our packages he says, "Hey, Big Salad".  He's super nice and all, but it drives me a little crazy.  This sparked a conversation though about the "nicknames" we'd been given when we were younger by kids at school, you know, the kind that made/make you think, Oh, yeah, that was REALLY clever!  Although we couldn't stand to hear them at the time we had a good laugh over them today.
Here are some real "originals" for my name:
Daniel Son (from Karate Kid)
Oh, Danny Boy (sung, of course)
Dani yelly, Dani yelly with the pink and purple belly (not ok to hear unless it was from my mom)


  1. The one I still can't stand is Sara Bara (rhyming, of course). However, the person who called me that the most had the nickname of Kelly Belly, so I suppose it serves me right. :)

  2. D~ oh how I love you. Know that your always in my thoughts and prays and you have our support. Please lean on me more if you need too, I'm always here for ya and miss ya!