Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 274: What a RELIEF!!!

We've been having a bit of a noise issue with our neighbors.  They are really nice people, but they are musicians.  They play all the time (I mean, full-on band practice with vocals, bass, drums, etc) and I was really starting to feel like I couldn't even be in my own home for all the noise.
Anyway, after many hours of band practice yesterday and then waking up to it again today, I'd just about had it.  I ran downstairs, plugged Pandora into our surround system, pushed the speakers up to the wall and turned the volume up almost all the way.  It sounded like I had the full Mormon Tabernacle Choir in my living room!  Believe it or not, I could still hear them next door.
I ran back upstairs, got my little cd player out from under my bed, plugged in some "Inspirational Music" cd (it is Sunday after all) that our ward gave out last Mother's Day and turned it on (full blast--on repeat) on the stairs in the basement where they play.  Finally some peace!
I turned it all off when we left for church (not because I wanted to, but because Clinton told me "it's ok to be the bigger person sometimes").  Anyway, when we got home Clinton received an email from our neighbors stating that my "little stunt" worked.  Though we have been telling them for months that sound travels too easily in our apartments and their practices are just too loud, they said they finally realize what we mean!  They even went on to say that they'll be moving their practices to another location next month!
Though I felt a bit vengeful when I blasted my churchy music, I couldn't help but feel like it was what needed to be done.  I felt like I was finally doing something instead of just being mad.  I did feel a little guilty though when "Love One Another" or "Because I Have Been Given Much" came on, but in the end everything worked out well.  I learned that I need to be a bit more tolerant of others and our neighbors learned that we weren't just a couple of whiney complainers.  We have a greater respect for each other and I think that's what being good neighbors is all about!

Ha ha:
I had a hair or goober in my eye during all of church today.  I kept picking at my eye to see if I could get it out, but no luck.  At the end of church I was talking with a friend of mine (who's husband needs an engineering job pronto--was unfortunately a part of the GE layoff, so if you hear of anything let me know)...anyway, she and I were talking and I kept blinking and winking at her.  I apologized and told her I had something in my eye.  She looked into my eyes, said, "I see it" and proceeds to stick her finger into my eye to fish out the goo.
With a little bit of shock, question, humor and disgust I said, "Um, you're sticking your finger in my eye?"  (I felt a bit like a baby who's mother digs gunk out of its eye).  She said it didn't bother her and when she didn't get it on the first try she went for a second and third go before I pulled back and said I'd get it when I got home.  Ha ha!
Thanks, Haley; turns out it was an eyelash covered in goo after all.

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