Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 277: Look Again

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic moment at work when I realized I couldn't find my Visa gift card--used last on Saturday; it still had a balance of $40!  I looked all through my purse (nice and tidy now), in the bathroom garbage, my bedroom garbage, the bag from a store I went to on Saturday, my work bag, my pants I'd been wearing that day, Clinton's wallet (in case I'd given it to him) and all over my kitchen.  I couldn't find it anywhere.
I said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to please help me find it if it was here.  I thought about it some more and knew for sure that the last time I'd seen it, I was putting it in my purse.  Even though I'd searched there already, I looked again.  I opened every pocket, pulled out every piece of paper and looked in every slot of my wallet.  No luck.  I looked in my purse and just stared.  Where could it be?  I've checked everything...
I had a little green notebook in my purse that had my grocery list on it from Saturday.  I opened the notebook and flipped through the pages until, at last, I saw my card.  Relief flooded through me and I said a quick prayer, thanking Heavenly Father for keeping the card safe for me and for helping me find it!

Ha ha:
I was walking over to the corporate offices this afternoon with my coworker.  At one point we stopped to take an elevator.  We waited outside for it to arrive and when it did there was a group of people coming off.  Without really looking, I stepped back a little to make way for them but apparently it wasn't enough.  Right as I turned around to make more room, a rather voluminous woman appeared out of nowhere behind me--didn't help that she was on my blind side-- and I ran right into her busty bosom (insert cartoon-sounding "BOINNNNG").  Ever seen those videos of people running into each other while holding yoga balls?  It looked a little like that, only neither of was holding a ball and our reverb was my running into her bouncy bust.  I literally sprang backwards and had to catch my balance.  When I came-to, I quickly apologized before hopping onto the elevator and laughing out loud!
How embarrassing!

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