Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 276: Rinse and Repeat

I went down to the Children's cafeteria this afternoon for a soda and took a couple bucks with me to pay for it.  Come to find out that between 2pm - 4pm the sodas are only $.90 (usually $1.50 for a 32oz)!!  What a great little surprise!  This was such a great deal, that I think I'll do it again tomorrow!

Ha ha:
Last night I noticed our dishwasher had not washed the last load very well, so after loading it with dinner dishes I asked Clinton to turn it on before he headed up to bed.  As I was brushing my teeth I heard him turn on the washer.
This morning, I got up and opened the dishwasher to get some clean dishes for breakfast.  As soon as I opened it I noticed that several dishes were still almost as dirty as when I'd put them in but others appeared to be clean.  So, I grabbed what looked clean, rinsed 'em off in the sink and used them for my breakfast.
When Clinton came downstairs I told him that the dishwasher still wasn't working and that we shouldn't use it anymore.
He:  It wasn't run last night.
Me:  What do you mean?  I heard you turn it on last night.
He:  I set it on a rinse cycle.
Me:  When were you planning on telling me this?  I used several of those dishes this morning!
He:  (laughing) How was I supposed to know you were going to use dishes this morning?
Me:  Of course I was going to use them this morning, that's why I asked you to WASH them last night.
He:  So, you're saying you ate off of dirty dishes this morning?
Me:  I guess so.

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