Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 279: Taco Bell Date Night

Clinton just finished his Family Medicine rotation and exam.  He said the exam was rather difficult, but was grateful to be done...and so am I!  This has been a very busy month for him and I am so glad to have him back for the weekend!  He is working so hard and I am so very proud of him!  Our date night turned into him falling asleep on the couch while I watched 2 movies, but just having him lie there, unconscious,
next to me on the couch was date-enough for me. :)

Ha ha:
Clinton and I went to Taco Bell for dinner last night.  No surprise here, but I ended up needing to use the restroom rather urgently (if ya know what I mean).  Anyway, when I went in, one of the upstanding TB employees was "cleaning" the bathroom whilst talking on her cell phone.  I thought to myself, "You poor thing.  You're about the hear something rather offensive."
Well, as soon as I sat down, I heard some rather offensive language coming from her!  Suddenly I didn't feel so bad about she was going to be hearing.  In fact, you could say for the first time in my life, I was grateful to be making lots of bathroom noise.  Before I knew it, she hurried right out of the bathroom and I was left alone in peace and quiet.

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