Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 266: Downton and Out

Um....we have been having UNBELIEVABLE weather here.  In fact, yesterday it was 85 Wisconsin...on a MARCH!  Talk about Luck o' the Irish!  I had to take advantage of it so Peter and I went for a walk.
I intended it to be a longer walk than it was but, ahem...we both got a little too hot.  (insert angelic chord)

Ha ha:
I've been hearing many women talk about the show "Downton Abbey" but never really knew enough about it to decide if I'd want to watch it or not.  Well, I had a little down-time yesterday and thought I'd just give it a quick try.  4 hours later I had watched the first four episodes of the first season and was totally hooked.  Clinton came upstairs at 12:45 am and saw me quickly closing up my computer.
He:  What are you still doing awake?
Me:  It's this dang "Downton Abbey"!  I'm addicted!

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