Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 272: What I Actually Said

Found myself in disagreement with someone and thought better of what I wanted/was going to say to them before saying it.  Instead, I told them that I needed time to think about the situation and that I'd get back to them.
Someone else's words don't have to dictate who we are or how we react to something.  Feels good to know that I can be in control!

Ha ha:
I got up to use the restroom at work this morning and announced to my coworker that I was leaving.
Me:  I really have to go to the bathroom.  I'll be right back.
She:  Ok.
Me:  Before I came in this morning, I had a huge drink...
She:  Oh!  I thought you were going to say something else that started with "d" and had to do with the bathroom, and I thought, "TMI!"

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