Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 278: Where's My Inhaler?

I didn't get fired Thursday...even after the below incident.

Ha ha:
Thursday afternoon at work turned into a laugh-capade.  One poop or fart story blended effortlessly into the next--that is, until my coworker shared the one that topped them all.
She said she received a phone call from her sister the night before telling her about a near-tragedy in her husband's family.  "Did you hear my mother-in-law almost died last night?"  She was obviously shocked to hear this and asked what had happened.  Her sister went on to explain that her mother-in-law had suffered an asthma attack so severe that the paramedics had to be called for help.  When asked the cause of the attack, her sister said that apparently it happened when she was on the toilet with a really bad case of diarrhea--the smell was so terrible it triggered an asthma attack.
I know this is awful of me, but I laughed so hard when she told this story, we all did.  Of course if the story had a worse ending I would not think it so funny, or at least I wouldn't've laughed so hard.  However she is fine and so I laugh.  I laugh when I picture the onset and I laugh just thinking of it again.  I laughed so hard in fact, that my supervisor came out of her office to ask what was so funny.  And then I laughed till I cried while retelling it to her.  If it makes you feel any better about my inappropriate laughter, I hacked and coughed down my own asthma after the conclusion of that story.
I have smelled some rather potent poots in my life, but apparently none as tragically toxic as her toilet toots.

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