Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 269: Tooting My Own Horn


Since I live so far away from my family it means that I don't get to participate in all the cool things that happen in my family's life.  Well, today I got an extra special treat.
My niece and nephew had their band concert tonight and I got to listen via my mom's cell phone (thanks, Mom!) whilst munching down a bowl of popcorn.  It was almost like I was there!  Although the sound wasn't perfect through the phone, what I could hear was fantastic!  I could not believe how GOOD they were!  They are in 7th and 8th grade but sounded better than most high school bands I've heard.
Way to go guys!!  Great job!

Ha ha:
I know my sister's going to hate reading this, but I took Peter for a walk after work while it was still 85 degrees outside.  This weather is absolutely unbelievable!  Anyway, on my way back towards my house I had to walk a little distance on a busier road.  At one point, the cars were stopped at a light and I noticed this guy driver was staring at me and smiling.  I sorta assessed the situation out of the corner of my eye and deduced that he wasn't jeering at me or anything else threatening, so I sorta looked his way so he knew I was aware of him.  He smiled even more.  This guy was totally checking me out!  Feeling a little flattered but annoyed, I looked back at him--straight on--and realized yes, he was smiling at me, but he wasn't flirting.  It was one of the docs from work trying to say "hello".

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