Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 25: For I Was an Hungered

Got to bear my testimony today in RS and thank all of the sisters at church for their prayers last month regarding my immigration stuff. They were so nice and offered great comfort when I was so worried and distraught. They didn't even know who I was, but they were certainly there for me.
What a great day to reflect on the miracle I had last month!
Prayers are powerful and with God nothing is impossible.

Clinton and I were sitting watching the Oscars when I saw him eating the last of the strawberries.
Me: Hey! You've already eaten most of those, the rest are mine.
He: Just one more.
Me: Fine.
He: What'd you say? Did you just call me "fatty"?
Me: (laughing) No. I said "fine".
He: Oh.

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