Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 31: The Alien's Saliva

In case you missed it earlier on FaceBook...say hello to Canada's newest permanent resident!
After eight months of waiting and a three-hour drive down to the border, I am officially landed as a permanent resident of Canada! I can't believe this day has finally arrived! I would be remiss to not thank God for all of the divine help and guidance we have received through this whole process.
Clinton and I were commenting during the drive home how perfect much of the timing has been--
1. Cheap/free rent that just happened to end near the time I was able to work.
2. That whole debacle with my visitor record and the many miracles surrounding its timely approval
3. My first friend I made in Calgary is also going through this same process and has been a great sounding board and buddy through it all.
4. There were two officers at the border today and we got the nice one. She was really nice and even let us ahead in line and so we got through very fast!
5. We found out last week that Clinton will be doing a rural rotation in Cardston, Alberta next winter. What town did we drive through today to get to the border? You guessed it! So, we stopped for a photo opp at the Cardston LDS Temple.
Very pretty, and very OLD temple (ca. 1920)

The drive was pretty boring and stinky in parts. Here's a pic of Clinton and I breathing through our mouths in a desperate attempt to avoid smelling the nearby livestock farms.
The day was great all around. What a great day to become a permanent resident! :)

Clinton and I went to supper at Extreme Pita. While we were eating, Clinton looked up and past my shoulder and started laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said, pointing to an advertisement behind me, "Doesn't that slogan seem like a bad idea?"
He: Just take the "t-i-o-n" off the first word and you've got a pretty gross confession.
Me: (laughing)

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