Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 27: Getting Me a Booming Voice

I have a goal to audition for the Calgary Opera in May and recently started working with a vocal coach. This woman is exactly what I need! She has taught me a totally new way of looking at singing, makes me accountable when I revert to old habits, and inspires me to be ME! 
I look forward to practicing everyday and I really love meeting with her. She sees me for me and is helping me to be REAL when I sing. This is a whole new concept to me and I am loving where it's taking me! 
So thankful I found her!

Kinda lame but it's all I got for today.

Clinton and I were sitting in our respective recliners in the living room this afternoon. He was dozing off and I was busy working on something. All of a sudden there was this crazy-loud BOOM! It almost sounded like lightening hit the house, but there wasn't any. 
I turned to look at Clinton, his eyes were really big and he looked really confused. Me: What the heck was that?
He: You mean I didn't just dream that?

We still have no idea what it was but there are posts online from other people who heard it too.
It was so loud! Loud enough that it seemed more likely to be a dream than reality to sleeping Clinton. Ha!

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  1. How fun to work with a vocal coach! Have a great time with that!!!