Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 28: I Love Honesty and My Boys

I picked up some supper at Subway tonight and took my phone with me cause I had Clinton's order on it. After I paid for our meals I walked around the attached convenience store to buy some soda to go with our food. As I was looking at a couple different flavours, the Subway guy walked right up close to me.
Me: Hi...uh, yes?
He: (looks me in the eye and then holds up his hands right in my phone held out to me like an offering)
Me: Oh my! Thank you!
I had forgotten it at the counter and he kindly, but sorta weirdly, found me and returned it to me.
Thanks awkward Subway guy!

Since the place we're staying only has a small double bed for us to sleep in we've resorted to kicking Petey outta our bed and into his own on the floor...ya know, like most normal people do already with their pets.
Anyway, we can't just leave his bed downstairs anymore so we have to bring it down every morning and take it back up every night. To do this, I usually grab Peter in one arm and cram his bed under the other. Clinton on the other hand found a bit of a shortcut...
Poor little boy, how humiliating!

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