Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 33: I'm a SIN-ner and a Loser

I'm official! I just got my social insurance number (SIN) which allows me to work in Canada! It felt like this day would never come and now, in just a few short days, it's all said and done!
I've already had one interview with a potential job offer, once my references are checked, and I've got another one set up for tomorrow. Perhaps before the week is over I'll have a job and will once again be able to contribute to society! Yay!

I called one of my references to give her a heads-up that some potential employers might be calling. What I didn't realize is that the number I have in my phone for her is her home number. 
Now, why is that a problem? Because she and I lovingly call each other Dummy (her nickname) and Loser (my nickname).
Why's that a problem? Because this loser called Dummy's mother "Dummy" when she answered the phone instead of the real Dummy.
Poor Dummy's mom (who's in her 70s), had no idea what was going on and hung up before I could explain. Whoops!


  1. Oh my goodness. I know it's not right, but this made me crack up. Poor Dummy's mom.

  2. Dummy's Mom thought it was hilarious.
    Signed, Dummy