Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 37: Working for The Man

Got to do a nice thing for my HB today and it felt good. Nothing major, but we met for supper after a really long day for him at work. I knew he was tired and just wanted to go home but he sweetly made an effort to share a date with me. 
While we were eating he mentioned he'd have to stop for gas on the way home so I offered him to just take my car home and I'd take his to the pump. He declined at first but, after much persistence on my part, he finally relented and took my car straight home.
When I got there I found him reclined in the living room, relaxing. Made my heart happy.
It's the little things, but in a relationship every little bit counts

You ever quoted Seinfeld during an interview before? Better still, you ever mentioned newly-wed...ahem..."activities" in an interview before?
Well, as of today I have done both. And despite this, I have received feedback that they really loved me. Lol
Sometimes I really wonder why I don't sensor myself more, but now I'm glad I didn't! Ha! It was one of those moments when I thought to myself, "Stop it, Dani. Stop while you can!" But my mouth stayed open and I had to just hope for the best. Fortunately it worked in my favour.
What quote and story did I tell?
At one point in the interview they flipped on the lights in the sunlit room and joked about it feeling like a sudden interrogation. 
My response: Pretty hot under these lights, eh Seinfeld?
They told me the CEO loved Seinfeld and the fact that I could quote it was big.
Then later I brought up how Clinton loved Mad Gab so much when we were first married that instead of constantly acting like a typical newly-wed, he'd sometimes climb into bed and want to play Mad Gab. (Sharing this was especially unnerving to me. What the heck compelled me to tell a total stranger, let alone someone with whom I was seeking employment, something so..."intimate"? Sheesh, Dani.)
Oh well. They loved me anyway. Lol

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