Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 45: Apparently I Love Him Most When I'm Awake

I gotta say, I really love my Clinton. We had no plans for today but spent the whole day together. We watched some tv, ran some errands, got some yummy East Indian food, did a little shopping, and then came back home to eat some Whoppers and watch Schindler's List on tv.
I have to admit that hanging with my best friend all day is pretty great way to spend a Saturday.

When I woke up this morning Clinton told me about an interaction we had when he came to bed last night. Peter and I were already asleep in bed; I in the middle of the bed, and Peter on Clinton's pillow.
He: (barely lifts up the corner of the blanket on his side of the bed)
Me: DON'T!
He: You're on my side of the bed.
Me: (mumbling) No I'm not!
He: (getting into bed)
He: (pulling on the covers)
Me: You're taking my covers!
He: I just need some blankets.
Me: UGH.
Apparently I'm a real sweetheart in my sleep. Lol

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