Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 35: Peter Loves the Chase...I, However, Don't

Had one of those "HOLY CRAP" moments today when Peter decided to chase a rabbit out of our backyard, through the (opened) side gate, down the street and around the corner. I had no shoes on but bolted after him.
I had no care for my feet and only hoped I wouldn't step on something that would hurt me. I finally caught up to him at the end of the road where the bunny trail apparently went cold.
I grabbed him by the collar (I wasn't about to carry him cause he was covered in mud and I was wearing white) and escorted him back home. My legs and energies were spent when I got home. 
I gave him--and my feet--a bath and then affectionately pet him. I could have lost him!
He could have run off forever or been hit. It was a stupid oversight on my part, but I am so grateful he was kept safe. I'm also thankful that my socked feet received no harm, despite all of the sharp ice and gravel built up over the winter.
HOLY CRAP, I am so thankful to have the conclusion I do have. This post could have been so very different.

I had no idea I could move like I did. Despite the fact that I was running for my dog's life, it had to look hilarious! 
Me frantically shouting, "PETER!!! PETER!!!", running down the street in my socks and him so far ahead of me it probably looked like I was chasing something imaginary. Oh dear. Leave it to me to make a lasting impression!
At least I was dressed! HOLY CRAP, this post could have been so very different.

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