Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 129: A Sip of Heaven

Plain and simple, I got to come home and sit on the couch and do NOTHING for about 2 hours.  Heaven! (said in a sing-songy voice)

Ha ha:
We went to RR with some friends for dinner last night.  They reminded me of something that happened on a previous date of ours to RR.
As many of you know, whenever I go out to eat I end up drinking at least 4 glasses of whatever I'm drinking.  On this particular occasion, during one of my last requests for a refill, our waitress brought out my drink; as she was about to set it down it began to slip from her hand.  Fortunately, she caught it by sticking her finger down into the cup. As she straightened the glass back up, she flicked the liquid from her finger back into the glass...every last drop.  She apologized for the slight spill and left to go get me a new glass.  Or, at least that's what we all figured she was doing, ya know, after she'd stuck her finger in my cup and then flicked the remnants back into the glass.
But she never did.
Gross.  I guess that's okay though, because my thirst was suddenly gone anyway.

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