Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 137: A Couple Adjustments

I don't think I'd usually say I was glad the Country Music Awards took over my t.v. shows for the evening (in fact, I never would cause I don't like country music), but tonight I was!  Instead of sitting on my rump doing the t.v. zombie-stare, I got up and got so much cleaning and sorting done instead!  I feel so much better!!

Ha ha:
I was walking down the hall at work today and there was a man walking about 15 feet in front of me.  I saw him start to shift a little as he walked and then IT happened...he "adjusted" himself, mid-stride!  I really hate seeing that and couldn't help but get a really grossed-out look on my face.  I then realized what my face might look like to other people and promptly started laughing to myself.  Then I realized that my laughing to myself probably made me look like the crazy person walking down the hallway and that made me chuckle even more.

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