Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 143: Visiting Teacher

I got to have a wonderful visit with my visiting teacher today.  It was nice to get to know her better and to feel the love and care she has for me.  Without realizing it, an hour passed before she looked down and said, "Well, I guess I could give you the lesson now". :)
I think this is one of the very few times I've really felt "visited" and I know the Lord sent just the right person my way.

Ha ha:
During my visit with my visiting teacher she asked how things were progressing with the adoption and I filled her in on everything we've experienced so far, but finished by saying that although the road is a very long one, we feel that the Lord is in control and all things will happen in His own time.  We continued to chat and she asked if she could share a lesson, to which I obliged.  Anyway, her lesson was from a conference talk on the Abrahamic Covenant by Russell M. Nelson.  She was listing some of the blessings involved with this covenant and when she got to, "Certain lands would be inherited by his posterity", she paused and said, "Wow, to think that that is still waiting to be fulfilled after all those thousands of years!"  I nodded and then she sheepishly said, "Oh, that's not something you probably want to hear when you're waiting on the Lord's time for adoption!"
We both busted up laughing!

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