Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 146: Cars

My friend's car was stolen and she was having a pretty rough day.  I went and bought the chocolaty-ist ice cream I could find and we visited for about 2 hours.  I went there hoping to help her feel better, but I'm the one who came away totally uplifted!  We barely talked about her car (which, thankfully was found and will only need a few repairs) but it was so nice to just visit about a bunch of random things!
I'm sure it would be wrong to say it, but if anything, her stolen car brought us closer!  Glad all is well Emily!

Ha ha:
As we were waiting to leave the Taco Bell parking lot (I know, you're jealous of our date nights), the car coming through the drive-thru just started honking like crazy at us!  It's not like we could move anywhere!  Anyway, I turn to look at the driver (it was dark outside) and he's got his arms thrown up in the air like, "Would you move your car?!"  I'm glaring back at him; Clinton's saying, "Sheesh, it's not like we can go anywhere, could you just wait?"; and they continue honking.  I can see that the passenger is laughing...I strain a little further and I can see that it's our friends!  Those punks!  We had a good laugh about it--us because of how totally appalled we had been at these "rude people", and they because I apparently looked totally P.O.'d.  Oh, what fun!

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