Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 142: Holy Flip!

I rarely drive to work since I live so close to it, but when I do drive I always make an "illegal" turn into the parking lot to avoid traffic on campus.  Today, as I was getting ready to turn, I looked up at the last second and saw a cop sitting about 25 feet in front of me (facing my way), just beyond where I was about to turn.  I quickly flipped on my blinker and went back into traffic--avoiding what would have been an inevitable ticket.
I'm not saying I will stop making that turn (it literally saves about 3-5 minutes), but I will always make sure there're no coppers waiting to nab me!  So thankful I took that extra second to survey the scene!!!

Ha ha:
Mormons have the funniest "curse" words.  Tonight, while Clinton was playing a game I overheard him say, "Aw, flip!"  Then a second later, "Flim, flam, flip!"
So much better than the alternative!!  Although, sometimes a good ol' fashioned "hell" or "damn" is totally appropriate!

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