Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 153: What's in a Name?

We began decorating for my FAVORITE holiday last night!  I LOVE Christmas!  It was so great to open up my ornaments and to enjoy the sweet memories that came with each one.  We've received some as gifts (one set was from our wedding), we given some to each other (including "Our First Christmas"), picked some out during our first Christmas and have acquired many more over the last 8 Christmases together.  I love that this time of year opens so many hearts to think more of mankind than themselves.  I love that I get to have reminders of Jesus all around me, all the time; whether it's a song on the radio, a nativity in a yard, or well wishes of "Merry Christmas!"
This is a wonderful time of year, and I'd like to make this Christmas more about Christ.  I'm going to try and list something each day that has either reminded me of Him, has helped me to feel closer to Him, or has increased my testimony of His divinity.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and hopefully we can each have a more meaningful Christmas together!

Ha ha:
For the last couple weeks Clinton noticed that one of the surgeons has been calling him "Clifton".  While they were observing the resident complete a stitch, the surgeon began to tell the resident to do a certain type of stitch but the resident had forgotten how to do it.  He turned to Clinton and said, "They forget so quickly, don't they Clifton?  How quickly they forget." All "Clifton" could do was nod his head and say, "Yes."  Ha!

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