Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 145: One-Liners

I was having a conversation with someone that turned gossipy very quickly.  Even though I did not get out of it right away, the spirit helped me recognize where the conversation was headed and I said some quick, positive, comments to veer it another way.  It didn't work perfectly, and I could have done more to change the subject, but I am grateful for this learning experience and will hopefully be better prepared to end it the next time this happens!

Ha ha:
1.  I don't remember why, but my coworker asked what color my pee was, just as our phone tech approached my desk.
2.  One of our psychologists entered the room right as I stated, "Oh, Oprah doesn't know anything!"
3.  During a conversation about how Clinton looks a lot like Harry Potter, I said the following:
"Yeah, but when he took his shirt off I was like, gross!...Harry Potter, not Clinton!"

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to head gossip back to conversation. I try to interject positive comments and change the subject, too, but it always feels so awkward. If you ever come across a great technique, please share! :)

    Your one-liners were funny. I love how you share the funny side of life!