Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 135: Carrying a Load and Dropping a Load

The Lord has placed wonderful friends in my life.  I have one such friend, who lives way too far away from me, and even though she is going through a really terrible trial, she has still found room in her heart to give me words of encouragement and hope.  The Lord truly is mindful of us and even when our burdens may not be removed from our backs, He blesses us with people who can help carry the load.
You are such a wonderful example and I will love you forever.  Always have, always will!

Ha ha:
Whilst watching The Sing-Off, Clinton came back in from taking Stinky-McGee (aka, Peter) outside.  He started to say something to me but I was trying to listen to my show and shushed him instead.  Later, at the commercial when Peter continued to make the room stink, I turned to Clinton and asked if Peter went poo when he took him out.  He replied, "I told you he didn't go just a few minutes ago.  Weren't you listening?"  I kinda chuckled and said, "No.  I was busy shushing you so I could hear my show."

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