Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 144: L.O.L.

The Lord has blessed me with an ability to notice lots of funny things in the last couple days.  Laughter is the best medicine!!
If you need some laughs, feel free to join me by reading on!

Ha ha:
1.  I answered the phone at work today and there was a call for one of our brain tumor specialists.
Caller:  Hi is Dr. So-and-so there?
Me:  No actually; he's got brain tumor clinic.
Caller:  What?!
Me:  It's Wednesday, he's in brain tumor clinic.
Caller:  Oh, my gosh!  I didn't hear you say "clinic" and here I was thinking the worst! Oh, my gosh!  I'm so glad to hear he's okay and well!  Oh, my gosh!
Me: (laughing)  That is too funny!  (laughter)
Caller:  (laughter)  If he's alive and well, just let him know I called then. (laughter)
2.  Our new section chief came through the office yesterday.  He passed by my desk, and pointed at me with a quizzical look on his face, like he was trying to remember something.  Don't ask me why, but I thought he was making reference to the last time he had come through and I gave him some dark chocolate after hearing he liked it...anyway, when nothing came out of his mouth I shouted, "dark chocolate!"  To which he said, "Danielle".  I guess he was just trying to remember my name.
3.  Last night before falling asleep I realized my phone wasn't by me.  I got out of bed and headed downstairs to see if I'd left it in the kitchen.  When I couldn't easily see it I thought I might have left it in the car.  Not wanting to go all the way back upstairs to get my robe, I slipped my coat over my upper half, threw on some shoes and was totally prepared to go outside in, basically, my underwear and some shoes.  Luckily, I felt my phone in my coat pocket and didn't have to go outside.  As I was taking off my coat and shoes I laughed out loud at how that would have looked if anyone saw me, and cried a little when I realized how lazy I was that I'd rather go outside in my underwear than walk upstairs to put on some clothes!

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