Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 128: Halloween Treat


Clinton took his shelf exam for his medicine rotation today, and although he won't receive his scores for another 4 weeks, we took the time today to celebrate!!!!  He picked me up from work and we headed to the mall while Petey got groomed.  We walked around for a bit and then went to RR for dinner.  It was a nice and relaxed afternoon and I loved being with my husband when he wasn't stressed!  Yippee!!

Ha ha:
As many of you may's Halloween today.  Even though all of my coworkers were going to wear costumes, I was the lone ranger, well, no I wasn't, but I was the only one who wore a costume.  And I wear a costume I did...
I introduce you to "Miss Led".

I am a beauty pageant reject that was "misled" into thinking she was good enough to compete with the actual beauty pageant beauties.
I dunno...perhaps this is only a face a mother could love...?

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